Duo Pleaides has been providing music for wedding ceremonies, cocktails and dinners around Capital Region since 2011. We love working with brides, grooms and their families to make their perfect wedding simply magical. Music speaks directly from heart to heart…Where there is music, love will be in the air!

I think… I wanna Merry You!

Our duet has performed at hundreds of weddings and witnessed so many couples in love getting married while our music played. We have seen this over and over again how real live performances can bring pure magic into the space, ignite everyone’s emotions and uplift the spirits. Good quality music will always be remembered and appreciated by the couple and all their family and friends for years to come! 

How To Plan the Music for Your Wedding?

The following are parts of a standard wedding ceremony in North America:

Prelude: guests are gathering at the venue and getting seated. This is a time for quiet background music. Specific songs can be requested by the couples or Duo Pleiades can select the music.

(Optional) Parents’ Sitting: Parents of the bride and groom are being seated to the special song selected by the couple or duet.

Processional: This is a part of the ceremony when the bridesmaids and flower girl/boy as well as groom and officient enter the venue and gather up front. A special song can be selected by the couple or duet.

Bride’s Entrance: All rise, Here comes the bride! This is a part of the ceremony when a VERY special song for the beautiful bride is played. This special song is normally selected by the bride or couples. Duo can help to find a song.

(Optional) Music for a Special Ritual like mixing sand, planting tree, letting doves out etc. Special songs can be selected for this part of the ceremony.

Signing Official Marriage Registry: This is a part of the ceremony when wedded couple and their witnesses are signing the official marriage documents. During this time a few songs are softly played in the background. Couples or the duet make the selections.

Recessional: This is the closing part of the ceremony when the couple is introduced for the first time as husband and wife.  A happy and upbeat song is played at this time. Couples normally select this song or Duo Pleiades is happy to assist in choosing a song.

After the ceremony Duo can play 1-2 songs for the guests to mingle and exit the venue.

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